Measure of Power Short Film

Based on a true story, Alan and Bradley play chess for the last time during their trial. Alan has been sentenced to life in prison.

Cast \ Crew

Alan - Ontario Johnson 

Bradley - Reese Williams 

Correctional Officer #1 - Chris Porter 

Correctional Officer # 2 - Jarrod Montgomery 

Screenwriter - Gerald Williams 

Director - AD Schaffer II

Producer - Jerald Hendricks

Camera Operator - Charles Williams 

Sound Engineer - Magu The Dog

Production Assistant - Joe Pullen, Jade Link & Jimmy Ash


What Are We Gonna Eat?

It’s Friday! Bianca and Ty are off for the weekend, so what’s for dinner?

Cast \ Crew

Bianca - Jennifer Hernandez

Ty - Ruben Ramirez

Director - Maurice D. Proffit

Producers - Maurice D. Proffit, Jerald Hendricks & Roxy Ghamgosarnia

Screenplay - Maurice D. Proffit

Visual Artist - Sharay Facen Smith

Composer - Sasikumar B

Production Assistant - Alec Thornsen & Paula Campos-March